Happy Summer!

Summer is a great time to start or come back to piano. (Do I say that about every time of year? Of course!) A fresh season is a wonderful time to begin something new, or to rededicate yourself to something that has slipped away.

For those considering beginning lessons, it can be the best time to get started so that music practice and enjoyment can be established before the school year gets underway.

For those continuing lessons, now is the time to cement that regular practice schedule that will carry you through the year so you can enjoy hearing the steady improvement that comes with regular playing!

It's also a great time to take a few minutes to think about your musical goals. Is it to get to the next level in a method book? To improve a specific technique? To try out a new genre of music?

Add to those goals one to spend at least a few minutes each day sightreading.  Ask me how to make that happen!

Certificate of Merit TM

Cameron Park Piano is proud to offer participation in the Music Teachers' Association of California's Certificate of Merit TM  Program. Information about this program is available at mtac.org.  

All of my participating students did quite well in the 2011 through 2018 evaluations and I am extremely proud of them!

The Metronome

Should every student have a metronome?  Yes, yes, yes!

They are available in a variety of styles and prices. There are classic, mechanical wind-up models as well as electronic, digital ones. The classic versions often have a louder "wood block" sound -- easier to hear over loud music. The electronic ones often have time signature settings so that one hears a different tone for the downbeat. Another option is an app on your smart phone or tablet. There are many free ones available.

As part of lessons, we learn how to use a metronome during practice to ensure a steady beat, and also as a tool to increase velocity in playing.

Group Lessons

I am working to add once-a-month group lessons on Saturdays for interested students.  

These lessons would be offered as a supplement to regular weekly private lessons, and would be small groups (four students) matched by level. Classes would be 60 - 90 minutes, and include a wide variety of musical games, ear-training activities, cooperative written work, white board work, and flashcard activities, etc.  
In addition, there will be a low-key performance opportunity for each student during each class. This will give students a way to increase their performance frequency in a very friendly and non-threatening environment.

Another plus of the group lesson is that students can have fun learning about and making music together. I believe this can help keep students interested in studying music by showing that it can indeed be, like sports and games, an interactive activity.  

Please call or e-mail to reserve your slot now. Space is limited!

Celia Frazer, Member MTAC